NuCap is co-founded and co-owned by its four Principals.

Riaz Rizvi

Chief Executive Officer

Riaz has over 15 years' experience in mining, electricity generation, trading and structured commodity transactions.  He has built and run several highly successful trading businesses in energy commodities including coal & freight, emissions, power & gas and uranium.   He has also run merger and acquisition activities including in coal mining, power generation, and the nuclear sectors and has led numerous commercial trading operations.

After helping build the Enron coal business and negotiating its sale to American Electric Power ("AEP"), Riaz took up the position as head of AEP's origination and structured commodity desk.   During this time he was responsible for building the largest third party coal business in Europe and the commercial integration of the two 2,000MW coal fired power stations acquired by AEP in the UK.

Following AEP's sale of its European business, Riaz co-founded and managed the international operations of Constellation Energy Group ("Constellation") which grew to become one of the largest physical commodity traders with ten offices in Europe and Asia employing over 150 staff.   Riaz oversaw Constellation's entry into the coal, power, gas, emissions and uranium markets as well as structured energy deals.

In 2008, Riaz led Constellation's acquisition of the successful uranium trading business, Nufcor International Limited, which he went on to run.   Riaz was on the sell side team for Constellation's international business which was sold to an investment bank in 2009, following which he established NuCap.

Riaz holds a Bachelor of Science from King's College London (UK) and an MBA and a Doctorandus from Nyenrode Business Universiteit (Netherlands).